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“The better you look, the better we look,” is the philosophy Master Barber Richard L’Amore lives by. In fact, being especially good at what he does is what drives L’Amore.

Originally from Quito, Ecuador, L’Amore has a long career in sales and marketing at World Car Kia North in Texas and Florida Fine Cars in Miami, the Department of Defense in Key West, and at Western Legal Associates in San Diego where he wrote partnering agreements between the USA and Latin America in the nascent years of NAFTA.

L’Amore operates a B&B and cabanas called Casa L’Amore in Pululahua, Ecuador where he maintains a herd of llamas that keep the grounds of the remote getaway properly groomed. The botanical experience in the Pululahua Geo Botanical reserve gets rave reviews from guests who thrill at the scenic region that is a dormant volcano on the western Cordillera of the northern Andes.

Licensed as a barber in 1997, L’Amore operated De L’Amore Studio in Santiago’s Key West, RazzleDazzle Barbershops in Miami, Merchants Exchange Barbershop in Atlanta, and the JD Edwards Barbershops in Texas.

He brings his lifetime of travel and work worldwide (plus the fact he speaks both Spanish and English flawlessly) to Lamar and the Man At The Max Barber Shop.

Make an appointment with Richard and meet the man who introduces a whole new perspective and incredible barbering talent to Lamar, Colorado.