Mar 04, 2022

Reserve a suite now for your family and friends visiting Lamar this summer. The Max features Airbnb accommodations that are an alternative to chain hotel stays. A stay at the restored Max is epic and transformational. Located at the corner of Main and Olive, the Max was built in 1938 by City Forefather Charles Maxwell, a banker who served as Mayor plus personally financed Lamar’s first Hospital.

The building is rich with history—both good and spurious—over its 84 years of operation.

Rumor has it that a tunnel existed between City Courthouse and the Max, tunnels through which prisoners were escorted to the Max basement where they were confined when the jail was overflowing. Other stories abound—like hauntings and attempted hangings. The Old West was the Old West after all.

Today’s stay at The Max is far more civilized. We have 1000-count bed linens. Our restaurant features dinners served on charger plates with a complimentary amuse bouche to begin your fine dining. Our bar features craft cocktails, exceptional wines, and beers. And all of our food is locally sourced, a tribute to southwestern Colorado.

See our menu at and reserve your stay at the Max now!